Instructional Design & Development

Instructional design is to courses as architecture is to buildings.  It is a systematic process and the result of analyzing, design, developing, implementing, and evaluating instructional products.  In our office instructional design services includes the how-to related to technical skills as well as the selection, recommending, and applying appropriate learning theories and instructional strategies. 

Team of Instructional Designers PhotoWe strive to make instruction and learning more efficient, engaging, and effective.  To accomplish this, we work tirelessly to support faculty members according to their individual needs and, when appropriate, engage students during the course development process.  Instructional design and development is an intensive endeavor that is best done with a team.  The team-based approach ensures that we develop instructional products that meets the needs of our students, accrediting agencies, potential employers and faculty. 


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Cynthia Johnson Instructional Designer Photo

Cynthia Johnson, MS
Instructional Design Coordinator