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Payment Deadlines 

Tuition and fees must be paid in full upon registration or by the payment deadline for early registration or the day of registration for regular and late registration. Payment for any additional fees resulting from Schedule Revision or Add/Drops is due by the end of the Add/Drop period. Payment by Installment and Short Tem Loans are alternatives offered by the University for students who are unable to make full payment by the deadline. 

Payment by Installment

We provide the installment plan as an alternative for the payment of tuition and fees during the fall and spring semesters only. The agreement consists of an initial down payment of 10%, with three additional payments of 30% each.  See schedule below for payment deadlines. Payment plans are not offered for Summer sessions*

  • NOTE: A $20 fee is added when the installment plan is processed and is due with the initial payment.

The installment plan is a contract between the student and the University.  By enrolling in the installment plan, a student agrees to comply with its terms and conditions, and failure to do so may result in additional charges.  A student who fails to make payment of tuition and fees, including any incidental fees, by the due date may be prohibited from registering for classes until full payment is made

In addition, by enrolling in the installment plan, a student authorizes the University to assign any unpaid tuition and fees covered by the installment plan to a collection agency or credit reporting agency for the purpose of collecting amounts owed at the University’s option.  The student agrees to pay all attorney's fees and other reasonable collection costs and charges necessary for the collection of any amount not paid when due.

You can access the installment payment plan online at under the Student Center. See these instructions for more detailed information.

Tuition payment by installment is not offered during the May Mini-mester or Summer sessions. 


Spring 2017 Payment Deadlines

Regular Registration Payment January 12, 2017
Late Registration Payment January 18, 2017
First Installment Payment February 03, 2017
Second Installment Payment March 03, 2017
Final Installment Payment April 03, 2017


Summer 2017 Payment Deadlines

3W1 Session Regular Registration Payment May 22, 2017
3W1 Session Late Registration Payment May 22, 2017


8W1 Session Regular Registration Payment May 22, 2017
8W1 Session Late Registration Payment May 22, 2017


10W Session Regular Registration Payment June 12, 2017
10W Session Late Registration Payment June 12, 2017


5W1 Session Regular Registration Payment June 12, 2017
5W1 Session Late Registration Payment June 12, 2017


5W2 Session Regular Registration Payment July 17, 2017
5W2 Session Late Registration Payment July 17, 2017


Fall 2017 Payment Deadlines

Regular Registration Payment August 21, 2017
Late Registration Payment August 22, 2017
First Installment Payment October 03, 2017
Second Installment Payment November 03, 2017
Final installment Payment December 04, 2017


Short Term Loans

Short-term loans are available if you are enrolled and meet the criteria below. The loans are posted to your account in order to make the first installment payment in the Fall or Spring or the entire payment in a summer semester. 

You must meet the following criteria in order to qualify for a loan: 

  • No outstanding blocks (Service Indicators preventing the student from receiving a Short Term Loan). 
  • No outstanding loans (Service Indicator showing loan default status). 
  • If you have previously defaulted on a short-term loan that has been sent to a collection agency, you are no longer eligible to receive a short-term loan. 

You can get your short-term loan online at under the Student Center following these simple instructions

Students will be placed on the installment plan when obtaining a Short Term Loan for the fall or spring semesters. Short Term Loans can be issued to pay the first installment amount if a student's anticipated aid is not enough to cover the first installment amount.  Short Term Loans are issued for the first installment amount minus any anticipated aid amount. A one-time 1% origination fee will be charged at the time of the loan in addition to the $20.00 charge for being placed on the installment plan.

All loans must be repaid by the established due date in order to avoid collection costs. Unpaid loans are subject to being submitted to an outside collection agency.


Sponsored Bills 

Our goal is to make processing sponsored billing payments a hassle-free process. 

  • Please submit your sponsor documents to Student Financial Services in a timely manner. 
  • Documents may be submitted by fax, email, mail, or in person, depending on the individual sponsor’s requirements. Submitted documents must be complete and contain all applicable signatures. 
  • Please review your account through to verify the sponsor payment has been applied and any remaining balance is paid by the applicable payment deadline. 
  • Please contact us if you have additional questions 

Tax reporting form 

At the end of January, IRS Form 1098-T will be mailed to all students who were enrolled at least half-time during the previous calendar year. 

Reprints of IRS Tax Form 1098-T are available online at for both the current year and previous years. You can find it on your myUNT page two different ways after you login:

  • Click on "Make a Payment" on the left-hand side menu
  • Click on the "Account Services" tab
  • Click on the "1098-T Tax Form" tab
  • Click on the desired 1098-T tax year to view and print


  • Click on "Skip to Student Center" in the top left corner
  • Click on the drop down box found under "Finances and Finacial Aid"
  • Select "View 1098-T"
  • Click on the desired 1098-T tax year to view and print


 Tuition and Fee Waivers/Veteran Benefits 

Several exemptions and waivers are available to qualifying students including veterans, active military, and dependents. Waivers must be requested during the term the student is registered in. Such requests must be made prior to the 12th class day in long semesters and the 4th class day in summer sessions. Requests for retroactive refunds cannot be honored. 

Additional information regarding exemptions and waivers can be found at or by sending an email to Student Financial Services.