As a new institution, every event and program offers an opportunity to build traditions that will celebrated years from now. Below are a few traditions that have already caught on with our student body:

Our Mascot- the Jaguar
Our carefully chosen, mascot was announced in January 2007 to coincide with the opening of the first building on our current campus.   Jaguars are indigenous to Texas and are energetic, powerful and graceful.
Our Colors- Blue, Gold, and Green
The color blue communicates confidence, intelligence, and creativity.  It also denotes “loyalty” (think true blue) and top quality (think blue ribbon).  Gold is precious, and it communicates prosperity and wealth and power.  Green is the color of the UNT System that bonds us to the flagship institution.

The Tile Mosaic
The first building on campus has a tile floor in the Atrium that depicts the 264 acres our campus is built on.  One brown tile represents that building- the first of our current campus.  Students wishing to make good grades on exams will walk over this tile on their way to the exam for good luck!

Welcome Week
At the beginning of each academic year the first full week of classes is full of fun programming from comedians to a cappella groups and sporting competitions to give-aways.  The faculty and staff wear blue t-shirts and designated as the “Blue Crew” to help new and returning students find their way across campus.  

Jaguar Welcome
Every semester the President of UNT Dallas welcomes all students to campus for the new semester with an address and reception.

Student Organization Fair
At the start of each semester this lively event is held to introduce students to the new and returning students groups and organizations they can get involved with.

Annual End of the Year Picnic
Every spring the campus joins to celebrate the academic accomplishments of UNT Dallas’s students with an end of the year picnic on the Mall

For a list of upcoming events check out the Student Life Calendar.