Spring 2021 Course Information

Registering and attending classes

To help keep our university community healthy, nearly all classes will be offered remotely, and students will connect with their professors in a virtual learning environment. During registration you will see some courses marked UNTD Internet Course. These courses have always been online courses and their format will be unchanged. Courses that have been converted from face-to-face to remote learning (including hybrid courses), will be labeled UNTD Remote Learning as well as meeting days and times. However, there will be no room assignment for these courses (except for one COMM course.) 

As with a normal face-to-face course, students should assume courses with posted meeting times will meet at those assigned times.

Professors will email their students the week before classes begin with instructions on attending the virtual class meeting. It is imperative that students meet on the first day of all of their classes to receive information about how each of their courses will be conducted. Check your student email for this update and all updates concerning COVID-19 decisions.


Please contact your academic advisor if you have additional questions.

The University will follow all dates in the academic calendar as published in the catalog and the normal grading system and Pass-No Pass policy as published in the catalog for AY 2020-2021.

sample zoom backgrounds

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Face coverings are required on campus

  • Face coverings are required in all of our facilities.
  • Face coverings are also required when outside and unable to consistently remain 6 feet from others.
  • A face covering should:
    • Fit snugly, but comfortably against the front of the face, covering the nose and mouth.
    • Allow for breathing without restriction
  • Cloth face coverings should be routinely machine washed depending on the frequency of use. 
  • When removing any type of face covering, individuals should not touch their eyes, nose, and mouth and wash hands immediately after removing.
  • Wearing a face covering is not a substitute for appropriate social distancing.


Online Success Tips and Tricks

We want you to have a successful semester. Learning from home in a virtual environment can bring new challenges. We’ve provided some tips and tricks to help you get organized, stay focused and use all of the campus resources available to you while continuing your education from home. Check back often as we’re adding new content regularly.

Additional Resources and Helpful Information:

Keep track of your schoolwork- Read each syllabus carefully and highlight important deadlines. Track all assignment due dates in a planner or organizer. Your planner does not have to be a traditional paper planner. You can use a digital planner or utilize the calendar feature on your smart phone to provide reminders and alerts. Use the tool that works best for you.

Be Ready for Class Meetings- When you log into to Zoom or Microsoft Teams for assigned class meetings, try to dress in appropriate clothing that helps put you in the right frame of mind for learning. If you feel good about your appearance, you will retain more information because you feel better about yourself. Put a reminder on your phone or planner to keep track of the dates and times of every class meeting in each of your courses. Do not be tardy and be sure to participate.

Designate a space and time for studying – Find a space in your home where you can work quietly and get away from other distractions. Make this your designated study space and keep your study materials in this location. Schedule blocks of time for studying. Share those times with others in your home and ask them for no interruptions during that timeframe. Ask your family and friends to support you by allowing you to have this quiet time.

Ask for help - Take advantage of the Learning Commons as collaborative support. Tutoring is not a remedial resource. It is a great way to check your understanding of course concepts, receive feedback on your project ideas, and obtain proof-reading and editing recommendations before turning in your paper. You can access online tutoring at learning.untdallas.edu

Get involved virtually – Canvas has many virtual campus activities, multicultural programs, student involvement information, educational resources and stress relieving activities for those needed breaks. You can feel connected and get involved with virtual campus activities while taking classes at home. If you have questions about Canvas or need to obtain access, email james.ragland@untdallas.edu or susan.harper@untdallas.edu . You can also contact studentaffairs@untdallas.edu for any student engagement or student support services questions.