What is Drop-In Advising?

Drop-In Advising is another way the Academic Advising & Student Success Office is striving to meet the needs of our students. There are a limited number of things that the drop-in advisor can help you with. See below for a detailed list.

Monday - Thursday 8am – 5:30pm, and Friday 8am – 4:30pm.

Drop-In Guidelines

Drop-In’s will be on a first-come, first-serve basis with sign-in starting at 8:00 AM (sign-in may end early if demand exceeds our ability to see all students by the end of the day). Drop-In students will be seen by Peer Advisors, and then may be referred to the advisor on duty depending on each individual situation. The advising office has full discretion to turn a student away from Drop-In advising and require the student to schedule an appointment.

The following services qualify as a Drop-In Advising appointment:

  • Adding/Dropping a course within the deadline
  • Getting ‘certain’ forms signed
  • General education information not related to your degree plan
  • Help with my.untdallas.edu
  • Academic Concerns

The following services require a Scheduled Appointment:

  • Removing holds
  • Mandatory Advising
  • Graduation checks “How many classes you have left”
  • Updating your degree worksheet
  • Probation/SPARE/Academic Dismissal/Early Alert
  • Academic Exceptions

Contact us if you have any questions about drop-in advising. (972) 338-1645