Change of Major This form is for undergraduate students who are seeking to change their major. This must be filled out properly and signed by your Academic Advisor. Once it is signed, it will need to be turned into the Registrar's Office.
Academic Exception
This form is for undergraduate students who need one of the following:
  • Course Substitution
  • Catalog Change
  • Prerequisite Waiver
  • Term Overload
  • Course Evaluation
For additional assistance, please click here.
Form needs to be completely filled out and sent to:
Name College Contact Information
Dr. Lauren Coursey Liberal Arts & Science Email
Dr. Shiela Lumar Human Services Management & Leadership Email
Dr. Nedra Washington Child Development & Family Studies Email
Dr. Daniel Friesen Business Email
Dr. Jerry Burkett Education Email


Drop a Class This form is used to drop an enrolled class. Once completed, turn this form into the Registrar's Office
Duplication Form This form is used to replace a previously taken course with the 2nd attempt of the course