Important Information for all Undergraduate Students

Texas Success Initiative

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state statute requiring all undergraduate students - new students, transfer students, and international students - who enter a Texas public institution of higher education to either:

  • (A) Demonstrate readiness for college level reading, writing, and mathematics before enrolling in college level academic coursework by achieving the statutory threshold(s) on the state approved readiness assessments or
  • (B) Meet one of the conditions for exemption from the testing requirement. Students must satisfy all TSI requirements before receiving a baccalaureate degree. Students who do not meet TSI requirements must usually complete developmental coursework to attain TSI compliance.

All first-year and transfer students coming into the University of North Texas at Dallas must have completed TSI testing or have a documented exemption before registering for classes. Your registration will be delayed if TSI status cannot be determined before your orientation session.

If you have already taken the TSI exam at another institution, please complete this form and submit it to  

Exemptions: Students are exempt from readiness testing if any of these exemption categories apply. If you are TSI Exempt, please fill out the TSI Exemption Form (pdf) with the appropriate documentation and send it to Academic Support.

If Not Exempt: Minimum score thresholds required to demonstrate college readiness in each subject area are as follows:
Minimum Required Scores for College Readiness (by Subject)

TSI Assessment


Placement Score of 340 and Essay 4


Placement Score of less than 340, ABE Diagnostic 4, and Essay 5