UNT Dallas Supplemental Instruction Program

The Mission of the Supplemental Instruction (SI) program at UNT Dallas is to improve retention, success, and completion rates for students within targeted historically difficult courses through the use of peer-assisted study sessions. The purpose of the SI program is to (a) help students reinforce information and knowledge learned in core courses; (b) encourage students and SI leaders to engage in and lead interactive sessions and reorganize ideas and information collaboratively; (c) create independent learners.

For the past three semesters, UNT Dallas has embedded the SI program into core courses such as math, science, and statistics. By focusing on the core courses, our goal is to help students develop good study habits and they will need to succeed in their upper-level/major courses. 


 Our SI leaders are students who have previously taken the targeted difficult courses and work to help students complete and succeed in those courses through a non-remedial tutoring approach. SI leaders lead regular review sessions outside of course to help strengthen students improve and retain course knowledge through the use of discussions, notes, and other informal group activities that are designed to engage students. SI leaders serve not only as tutors but also as mentors for students in these historically difficult courses. 

What is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental Instruction is a student-to-student academic support model developed at UMKC in 1973 that uses peer assisted study sessions to improve student retention and success within historically difficulty courses. The main goal of the SI groups and study sessions are to create independent learners and thinkers through a collaborative and engaging environment. These sessions typically happen outside of the classroom and serve to reinforce information covered in the course.


Who are the SI's (supplemental instructors)?

Our SI's are your peers! They are students who have previously taken the course and have succeeded (made an A or B) and who are personable and engaging. Our SI's are all recommended by faculty and go through a vigorous training to ensure that they can provide the best services possible.


Why should I attend SI sessions?

National data and statistic show that students who regularly attend SI sessions are:

  • more likely to raise complete the course with a half or full letter grade higher than their peers who do not attend sessions;
  • more likely to learn study skills that they can apply to other courses, specifically their major-related courses;
  • less likely to drop the course because of a bad grade;
  • less likely to retake the course because of a bad grade;
  • 15% less likely to make a D, F, or W in the course!

In addition, some professors offer incentives such as extra credit on assignments, tests, and final grades! 

SI Schedules

Does your class have an SI? Click here to see their schedules, meeting times, and locations!