The University of North Texas at Dallas is home to more than 50 student organizations, representing the diverse interests of students across campus. Look at the many different organizations at UNT Dallas and you will find opportunities to pursue your interests or explore new ones!

We know from research that student satisfaction with their college experience stems in large part of their opportunities to participate in programming outside of the classroom and the Office of Student Affairs hopes to provide you with those opportunities through our growing number of Student Clubs and Organizations. Not only do student groups offer you an opportunity to socialize and develop relationships with other students who have similar interests, but this experience will also cultivate and enhance the skills that employers and graduate schools are looking for in college graduates. From leadership and decision-making, to cooperation and communication, you will be building your résumé during your time with this group, but that is NOT all. You will also build self-confidence, lasting relationships, and school traditions that will become a lasting legacy at UNT Dallas.

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

Registered Student Organizations, or RSOs, are student groups recognized by UNT Dallas. While this does not mean that UNT Dallas expressly supports or endorses the views of that particular group, it does mean that each RSO and all its members are representatives of UNT Dallas and its values, policies, and procedures.

Find a list of registered student organizations here: Organization Directory!