Fraternities and sororities at UNT Dallas provide opportunities for leadership and professional development, community service, lifelong friendships, academic support, cultural awareness, and mentoring. Joining a fraternity or sorority is a great opportunity to get involved on campus, enhance your college experience and develop your personal and professional skills.

  • Leadership: It is an excellent way to sharpen your leadership skills. Greek students are leaders by serving their organization as an executive board member, a committee member or chairperson.
  • Service: Members of fraternities & sororities are committed to service toward their organization's national philanthropy and local community. They complete thousands of hours of community service each year, participate in campus-wide service projects, and raises hundreds of dollars towards nonprofit organizations and philanthropies.
  • Friendship: Brotherhood and sisterhood in a fraternity or sorority are strong bonds that tie together a diverse group of individuals, through much more than just wearing the same letters. Your membership in these organizations extends well beyond your years at this university. With alumni associations and/or chapters throughout the world, you can still enjoy brotherhood and sisterhood activities, and find an instant support group – no matter where you go after graduation.
  • Scholarship: Students involved in a fraternity or sorority are expected to meet a minimum set of academic standards. All of the organizations on campus promote the common goal of obtaining a college education. It is with great pride that we say; at the end of the Spring 2018 semester the all-Greek GPA was higher than the average students' GPA.
    • All Greek GPA: 3.1
    • All-Student GPA: 2.9
  • Diversity: One of the very first fraternities and sororities on this campus were national and international, historically Black or African-American, multicultural, LatinX organizations. In honor of this unique and distinctive history, our fraternities and sororities encourage the personal development of each individual on campus through multicultural programming that promotes cultural awareness and celebrates the various cultures represented at UNT Dallas.
  • Mentorship: As an honor to the university mission to strengthen communities, members of fraternities & sororities serve as role models to their peers on campus and to individuals within their community. Each organization participates in a philanthropic effort that promotes the pursuit of higher education to youth within the southern sector of Dallas. These are collaborative partnerships with local schools, community organizations, and international non-profit organizations.

To learn about each chapter at UNT Dallas, please visit the Greek Organizations Directory.

For more information or questions about Greek Life, please email the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life at