Student Government Association is the official voice of the student body. As an organization, we are here to make the student voice heard. With the combined effort of the students, administration, and our Executive Board, we work to vocalize the concerns of the students in our university community. As the official representation of the student body, we work constantly to improve the collegiate experience.

Through our organization, students have opportunities to receive funding for programs through our newly created Jagger’s Den Committee. Furthermore, we have an elite group of freshmen who apply and receive exclusive access to the workings of the organization. In addition, they are given opportunities to develop leadership skills that will help them in the coming years. You should always feel welcome to hang out in the SGA Office located in Founders Hall, Room 205.  If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please email them to  


Meet your Student Government Association Representatives!

SGA Executive Board

17174-Student Government-1932

Erick Solis, President

17174-Student Government-0202


Berenice Zuniga, Vice President

17174-Student Government-0161

Unique Stewart, Programming

17174-Student Government-0187

Elizabeth Galvan, Secretary

17174-Student Government-0155

Everardo Padron, Parliamentarian

17174-Student Government-0182

Fernando Lomeli, Public Relations

17174-Student Government-0191

Yareli Jasso, Finance

17174-Student Government-0196


2016-2017 Senators

17174-Student Government-0193                    

Brittney Releford, Transfer Senator

17174-Student Government-0200

Candelario Martinez, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences Senator

17174-Student Government-0199

LaTerrance, Veterans Senator

17174-Student Government-0185

Abigail Duarte, Freshman Senator

17174-Student Government-0180

Pedro Del Bosque, Business Senator

17174-Student Government-0178

Vickie Hawkins-Stewart, School of Human Services Senator

17174-Student Government-0176

Christopher Marshall, School of Business Senator

17174-Student Government-0173

Whitney Faggins, Transfer Senator

17174-Student Government-0169

Jesus Coronado, School of Liberal Arts & Students

17174-Student Government-0167

Nikki Pittman, School of Education Senator

17174-Student Government-0165

Yomira Lopez, Student Body Senator

17174-Student Government-0164

Christina Zuniga, Freshman Senator

17174-Student Government-0160

Naide Hernandez, Student Body Senator

17174-Student Government-0157

Nick Figueroa, Residence Hall Senator