Meet your 2018-2019 SGA Executive Board!



Unique Stewart

Biography: I am a proud UNT Dallas student who is a psychology major. I've been in the Student Government Association since 2015. I've been a student assistant at Graduate Admissions, a JOC in Undergraduate Admissions and a desk assistant, DA in the Housing and Resident Life department. I was the lead work in both my JOC and DA positions.

Why you should vote for me: I feel I should be considered for the position because of the experience I have developed in the Student Government Association. I have been a senator for about two years and half way through my last semester I was promoted to the Parliamentarian position. The next year I applied to be the Programming officer where I've truly gasp what it means to be open hearted and open minded to under the student's needs for a successful university.


Vice President 

Yareli Jasso

Biography: I didn’t understand various things in life growing up, such as laws, procedures, or responsibilities. As time progressed, I gained knowledge. The knowledge that empowered me to take the initiative and make a difference for not myself as an individual but to my community as well. Since elementary school, I have sought to engage in different clubs that will enable students to become more jubilant. As time progressed, I began to form my clubs and became president of the Student Council in elementary school and then vice president in Student Senate in high school. I have also taken roles at church that require me to become a leader and to take on responsibilities. I am a sophomore in college, with a full-ride. I have developed leadership skills through training, camps, and seminars. I am currently the Treasurer of the East Dallas Master Guides. I want to be the impact to encourage other to make a change.

Why you should vote for me: One year a freshman representative and the second as Finance Officer. I have a clear understanding of the mission and vision for SGA. In this position, I would like to help develop the leaders of the campus for the future. There is always room for change. As Vice President, I would assist the senators to grow as leaders of this University. The senators are a significant component of the Student Government Association. I will be there for all senators and guide them through the steps to develop leadership. I will do this by holding them accountable for the attendance, responsibilities and themselves. I have served in SGA for two years. 
I can contribute my positive energy to the Student Government Association. I am a very well-rounded student, so I can provide mentorship to other students. As an ambassador for the University, I continue to meet new people who I talk to about the fantastic things SGA has done for me and the student body. I can be there as a helping hand for those students, who want their voice to be heard. As the Student Government Association, our goal is to listen to the issues and take action.

Programming Officer

Fernando Lomeli

Biography: I decided to attend UNT Dallas because of the scholarship that I received, and for the first couple of weeks life felt empty. I would go to school and go to work, but I did not feel like I was a part of the university. It wasn't until I joined SGA and started getting involved that I actually fell in love with the school. A blindfold was lifted from my eyes, and I finally saw the school for what it was; a diamond in the rough. This school has so much potential, and I want everyone to see that we weren't just two buildings, that we were much more than that. For this reason, I decided to start working at the admission office. By working there, I was forced to step out of my comfort zone and speak to big groups of people. Through working at the Enrollment Center, and Student Government I have been able to improve my public speaking skills, as well as overall confidence. They have given me the skills that I need to succeed as the next SGA Programming Officer.


Why you should vote for me: I have been in SGA since my freshman year; first as a senator, and then as the Public Relations Officer. Throughout these two years I have worked alongside fellow senators and the executive board to improve the environment here at UNT Dallas. Together we have made changes that will positively impact student life for years to come. I know that I can contribute to SGA by providing new ideas and supporting fellow team members. As the Public Relations officer I have experienced firsthand the fast-paced Fall semester, both the good and the bad. I have learned how to work in a fast pace environment and market events. By selecting Programming, I will have time to effectively fulfill my duties, while being able to assist the future PR, or other fellow SGA members.


Public Relations Officer

Yomira Lopez

Biography:  I was born in Mexico, lived there for about 9 years. Some of those years were good while other years were verypainful. When I was coming to the US, I was not aware that I was coming to a permanent home. It was hard for me to assimilate to my peers and it was hard for me to make friends due to the language barrier. I didn't even know that the way I spoke would ever keep me back from doing certain things. Now that I can speak a different language, my status as a non-citizen has kept me from doing some things but I know it doesn't keep me from becoming part of the Board. My goal is to become a dietician, and get a masters in higher education. I currently am a teacher on the weekends at my church, so that is my leadership role at the moment. I am a member of the Public Health Student Association (PHSA), part of the Fitness Club, as well as part of Student Government Association (SGA) as a senator.

Why you should vote for me: I have been part of SGA for the last year, encouraging students to be more involved in all organizations not just SGA. I can encourage students to help me out as far as my committees go. I am organized, and available to complete my requirements.



Naide Hernandez

Biography: What I have done in the past and what I continue to do to this day is try to be involved as much as possible. I believe in making an impact on the school, club, organization or work place that I am apart of. I have always tried to be the one to step in and give my opinion to get the ball rolling. What I hope to get from joining these organizations and giving it my all is good leadership skills, advancing my team working skills along with making long lasting impressions with the people I am working and socializing with. A few leadership roles I have held recently is being the treasurer for the Fitness club and being the Academic Chair for Sigma Lambda Gamma. The experiences I've had within the Fitness Club is creating fundraiser ideas along with coming up with ideas of how to collect, store and contribute the money to benefit the club. My role as the Academic Chair for SLG comes with having to keep track of every active members study hours for the week, along with meeting with members to make sure they are holding themselves accountable to improve and maintain their grades. Some may turn away from leadership roles because they might seem too difficult and complicated but I walk toward the roles because I feel that I won't abuse the position in any way but make every other member enjoy being a part of this org and any other org as well.


Why you should vote for me: I should be considered for this position because along with being involved within SGA for a year, I have also assisted within the Jaguars Den Committee which is the committee that the Finance Officer is in charge of. As I was shadowing Yareli and familiarizing myself of her position, I feel I will be quite adequate in keeping the standards of the Finance Officer steady as well as adding a few things to improve the position and the Student Government Association as a whole.


Abigail Duarte

Biography: My goal is to become a politician and serve as a representative for the state of Texas. Currently I am studying Political Science at UNTD and in my first semester here I was elected as the Freshman Senator for the Student Government Association (SGA). As a Freshman senator I challenged myself in many ways such as, meeting new people every week to inform students about the events on campus and get them involved. I was also apart of Senator Niki's ECI Food Committee in which I addressed some concerns about the healthy food options held at the university. I also learned to be open minded in situations that I may not agree in. As part of the SGA I would like to help students get involved on campus to unify students together that can make the university a more comfortable and memorable place. 


Why you should vote for me: As a student, I would like to run for secretary because I would like to grow as a leader and as a student. My goal is to make an impact on students here at the university and help the university grow. As a Political Science major, I have aspirations to assist the community on micro and macro levels. Another step towards that would be me becoming part of the executive board. I want to improve student and institutionalized relationships at UNTD and I want to leave a lasting impact here at the university. I believe me becoming secretary would help me get a step closer. Being part of SGA is a privilege and should not be taken for granted.



Isaiah Smith

Biography: I grew up in Memphis, TN with four brothers. I came to Texas in August of 2009 and have lived in the Dallas area since. After graduation, I plan to begin my career as a public school teacher. This is an important goal in my life because my life because I will be able to serve as a source of inspiration for children who don't have the best influence in life.Aside from that, I hope to start an organization on day that focuses on helping graduating high school seniors find what they feel their calling is. Since I have been at UNT Dallas, I have been a senator for SGA, and Co-founded an organization (P.O.N.G Society). I was also VP for the Jag's Acting Org, but I have since stepped down from the position. I am a new member for the UNTD ABSE (Alliance for Black Student Educators), an organization that focuses on methods of effectively educating black and underrepresented students.


Why you should vote for me: I am a well-organized and well-composed person; capable of undertaking the responsibilities of the parliamentarian. I have served well as a senator for 2 semesters and I am ready to take up more responsibility for the student body. I am a very prompt person and I like to maintain order as well as make sure regulations are fair and followed for and by everyone. I will make as a great team member for the executive board, and the parliamentarian position is where I see myself getting more experience while doing well at providing for the organization as a whole. I feel the I am able to provide plenty to the organization. My organization will keep me on task for all the task that I will have at hand. My commitment will give the extra bit of help when and where it is needed. I am passionate about serving and I feel as though it is something that people should regularly do. I am a welcoming person; this attribute allows me to make others feel included. That helps for event population, and meeting attendance from the general student body. This will also make me a great help for the implementation of the House of Representatives next year. I would like work with that group on the projects and procedures that are to be taken care of.