Advisors must complete this form, or return a signed copy of the paper form to the Office of Student Affairs, in order to complete registration and renewal for the student organization they advise.
If you have any questions, please contact Rifeta "Fifi" Badic at or 972.338.1940


The Advisor serves in a voluntary capacity to the student organization and provides guidance, direction, advice, and continuity to both the members and officers of the organization. Goals and ideas for the group should be discussed with the Advisor. An Advisor approves most paperwork regarding finances and college services



  • Maintain an awareness of the activities and programs sponsored by the student organization.
  • Meet with leaders and officers to discuss upcoming meetings and programs, long range plans, goals, and problem solving.
  • Attends general and executive board meetings at least once per semester.
  • Assist the organization’s Treasurer in monitoring and adhering to the budget.
  • Assist with officer transition and new officer training.
  • Maintain contact with UNT Dallas Student Affairs.
  • Explain and clarify university policies and procedures.
  • Discuss individual accountability and appropriate behavior on the part of the members and possible consequences of unacceptable behavior.
  • Maintain the ability to deal with the same issues each year and remain fresh.
  • Be familiar with national structure and services of the national and/or international headquarters of the organization, if relevant.
  • Monitor academic and disciplinary eligibility of members.


  • Officers and leadership must notify the advisor of all meetings and events.Consult him/her in the planning of projects and events
  • Consult him/her before any changes in the structure of the group, or in the policies of the organization are made, and before major projects are undertaken
  • Allow the Advisor speaking privileges although he/she is not allowed a vote
  • Be aware that the success or failure of the organization and its events rest on the members of the organization itself, not the Advisor
  • Discuss concerns and issues with the Advisor
  • Acknowledge that the Advisor’s time and energy are donated, and express appreciation
  • Be clear and open about expectations of Advisor and periodically evaluate the Advisor
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