One of the most useful exercises that CPI does with the police leaders in our programs is the personal branding module. We've found over the years that identifying a personal brand, something that's emphasized in the private sector, helps our graduates focus their aspirations and grow as leaders. 

Norm Smallwood's piece in the Harvard Business Review reinforces the usefulness of the exercise.  In “Define Your Personal Leadership Brand in Five Steps”, Smallwood encourages leaders to think about the ‘brand’ they've established for themselves,  and whether or not it is representative of the brand they really want to portray.

What is a leadership brand?  Essentially, it's a set of leadership traits developed and perceived to be representative of a person's core principles.  The five things to consider when creating a leadership brand include:

  1. What results do you want to achieve in the next year?
  2. What do you wish to be known for?
  3. Define your identity
  4. Construct your leadership brand statement, then test it
  5. Make your brand identify real

Leadership branding is particularly beneficial for anyone who wishes to lead any organization to greatness.  Who a person is and what that person stands for matters.  Access the article at for more information.

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