COVID-19 FAQs for Students


Is a hotline accessible for students?
Yes. For all questions, call or text: 972-638-9164.

Will Summer 2020 sessions be held online? 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all Summer 2020 sessions will be conducted in a virtual learning format:

  • 3-week session – May 18 to June 6
  • 8-week-session – May 18 to July 11
  • 5-week-session – June 8 to July 11
  • 10-week-session – June 8 to Aug. 14
  • 5-week-session II – July 13 to Aug. 15
    • You have the choice of requesting a Pass/No-Pass grade for any Summer 2020 course. Click here for details.

We are making the registration process easier with the introduction of multi-semester registration. This allows you to register for all semesters between Summer 2020 and Summer 2021. For full details about registration, click here.

How do I return books that I rented from the UNT Dallas bookstore?

Due to our campus closure, the UNT Dallas bookstore has extended the non-return charge window to June 4. There are two ways to return your rental:

Sign into your UNT Dallas account and print the free return shipping label to mail back to the bookstore. On the Rentals page, click “Return all Rentals by Mail.” Ship to the bookstore using the Free return Shipping Label and Packing Slip. Write your return address on the shipping label. Shipping instructions are included on the packing slip. To avoid late fees, your shipment must be submitted to a FedEx Ground location. If the campus bookstore has not re-opened and you do not want to ship your books via the free return shipping offer, you may return them to the UNT Dallas Police Department on the first floor of Founders Hall. To do so, you must complete and include the Spring 2020 Rental Return Form

How do I rent or buy textbooks for the Summer 2020 sessions?

Simply go to the UNT Dallas bookstore website; under “Find My Course Materials,” select the term “Summer 2020” and then click on “Find Courses.” All required or suggested materials will appear with the choice to rent, if applicable, or buy with pricing. For more information or questions, contact: To place an order, you’ll need the following class information:

  • Department code
  • Course number
  • Section number 

What do I do if I need to order textbooks and my physical address changes?

When you log in to your registered account to place an order, change the address before you place the order. Changing the address does not change past or existing completed orders, therefore any changes should be made before the order is confirmed. Shipping Options? For Summer 2020, all orders must be shipped to a valid address. In-store pickup is not available until further notice.

Is campus and other resources be open?
No.  The UNT Dallas main campus and the College of Law are closed until further notice. Please note: All offices are working remotely, at this time, excluding the police department. Please utilize email or phone numbers for the particular office you are trying to contact. If you have questions about that contact information, please use the hotline above or email

Will student workers be permitted to work on campus?
No. Student workers can work remotely after creating a work plan with their supervisor. For questions, please contact your supervisor.

If I am a student with a work-study position, will I still be paid for my current federal work-study award?
Yes. You will still be paid up to your federal work-study award amount. Please refer to guidance sent to you by the Financial Aid Office, as well as discuss with your federal work-study supervisor.

Will on-site tutoring be available in the Learning Commons, and will an option be available for remote tutoring and video conferencing?
All tutoring will be done online using Zoom. Writing sessions will have the option of submitting papers as they have done in the past or meeting virtually with a tutor via Zoom. Smarthinking is also available to all students. For detailed information, click here.

How do I get help with research for my writing assignments?
The Library staff may be reached via email at or on the library website at the “Ask a Librarian” link, under Research Help.

Can I still speak with my academic advisor?
Yes. To schedule appointments for a phone or virtual appointment with your assigned advisor visit the Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile device and download Navigate Student. This app will allow you to remotely schedule advising appointments without the need to call or stop by our offices. This is a service we plan to maintain after resuming normal on-campus operations. You may call directly at 972-338-1645 or 972-780-3645. Both lines are being monitored for voicemail continually throughout each workday. You may also email us directly at Staff are monitoring this email and we will be in touch about your request. A more detailed email regarding advising availability will be coming via student email.

Who can I speak with if I have a problem that I cannot resolve? 
Please contact for assistance. We want you to have answers to your questions and are available for you. Please do not hesitate to let us know what you need. Also, please call or text the student hotline: 972-638-9164.

How can students access the Student Health Clinic?
The Student Health Clinic has transitioned from in-person visits to virtual telehealth until further notice. Virtual visits are FREE. To schedule an appointment, call 972-338-1793. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department. Currently, COVID-19 testing is not available at the clinic.

Is the Counseling and Wellness Center accessible?
Yes. Students seeking mental health care can email the Counseling and Wellness Center at

Will computer labs on campus be available to students who do not have other options available for completing course work?
No. The computer labs will be closed effective 6 p.m. on Monday, March 23. If you experience difficulty accessing virtual classes, please call or text the student hotline: 972-638-9164.

Will the VA pay for students who may be moved to online programs if the online program has not been approved by the State?
Yes. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will continue providing the same level of education benefits to students having to take courses online due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. For more information, click here.

Will UNT Dallas and UNT Dallas College of Law still hold commencement ceremonies?
Both commencment ceremonies have been postponed to a later date. 

Is the student travel abroad program scheduled for this summer canceled?
Yes. For more information or questions, contact:

How do I contact the UNT Dallas Police Department?
For the safety of our university community, we will be increasing security on campus. To report any suspicious activity on campus, call 972-780-3009, or call or text 972-946-0566. We also encourage everyone to download and utilize the Live Safe app on your smart phone.