Canvas, UNT Dallas’ learning management system beginning spring 2019—offers extensive pedagogical opportunities in the design and delivery of learning experiences for the traditional classroom and online learning environments. This ten week, fully online course will prepare you with the skills needed to build and manage courses in Canvas. Specifically geared toward online and hybrid teaching faculty, this course takes you all each of the innovative tools Canvas has to offer and presents best practices for their use in the online classroom. Strategies learned during this course can also prove to be invaluable when integrating Canvas into the traditional classroom.

Topics covered in this online course include:

• Introduction to Canvas

• Making Canvas Work for YOU!

• Building your Course.

• Managing Your Course

• Communicating with Students

• Encouraging Interaction

• Feedback and Grading in Canvas

Participants are required to schedule two face-to-face or virtual meetings during this course with Distance Learning and Instructional Technology staff to cover essential elements of Canvas and to answer any questions you might have.

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