Mission:  Our primary mission is to provide vision, leadership, and support in the appropriate use of educational technology and media for teaching and learning and in the development and continuation of quality distance education programs.

We partner with and support faculty in the creation, design and delivery of high-quality distributed learning by supporting UNT Dallas faculty in the design and implementation of instructional technologies for classroom, online and hybrid courses and work with the administration, IT and faculty to choose and implement best practices for instructional technologies, as well as assist in the marketing of online/hybrid courses.

 We fulfill our mission through the following services:

  • Instructional Design and Development
  • Instructional Technology Services
  • Faculty and Student Helpdesk including just-in-time training and professional learning communities

Distance Learning Goals

Design and Development of Online Learning Environments at UNT Dallas

  • To assist in the development of quality courses and programs to meet the needs of our UNT Dallas distance learners.
  • Design online courses with multiple formats for retrieving course content that include visual and textual design elements. 
  • Develop a process to ensure that all courses contain an orientation that clearly defines the course objectives.
  • Furthermore, the explanation of the objectives, course activities and assignments should be made available in multiple learning formats when appropriate such as audio, video, graphical, and textual designs. 
  • Develop social or community activities for the online environment.

Instructional and Qualified Faculty/Professional Development

  • To support and encourage the internal development of the distance learning program by promoting and providing guidelines for training and technical support.
  • To provide strategies for effective delivery of distance learning alternatives through the development of guidelines for consistency in distance learning.
  • To evaluate periodically and comprehensively every facet of distance learning courses/programs and to use these results to redesign and improve the online component.
  • To train, counsel, evaluate, and retain qualified online instructors.

Student Services

  • To develop or modify procedures for providing support services to distance learners through our Blackboard Helpdesk.


  • To provide bilingual resources to be used for instructional purposes and by students. (English / Spanish)
  • To provide orientations for online instructors, students, and newly hired online instructors.