The awards will be based exclusively on work conducted while serving a teaching appointment at UNT Dallas. A nominee must possess a record of superior accomplishment in integrating educational/instructional technologies into the student learning process, resulting in enhanced and demonstrable learning outcomes. The nominee must demonstrate clear and compelling evidence of effectiveness and achievements in promoting and enhancing student learning outcomes via the integration and use of technology in instructional activities. The criteria for the awards include:

Innovative Teaching with Technology

Nominees should be able to provide descriptions and concrete examples of how he or she enhances student engagement and learning through innovative ways of integrating technology into their teaching practice and classroom environment. The goal of this award is to identify efforts that create high-quality, interactive learner-centered experiences which demonstrate that

  • the students advanced significantly in relation to the course objectives,
  • technological tools were used in an effective and innovative way to undergird the pedagogy, and
  • the submission can serve as an exemplar for other instructors.

Finalists for this award will be reviewed and evaluated using the following instruments:

  • Definition of innovative teaching with technology and learning practices at UNT Dallas
  • Practice or Tool Enhancement
  • Evaluation Rubric for the “Innovative Teaching with Technology” Award, focusing on:
    • Utility
    • Creativity
    • Efficacy
    • Feasibility
    • Risk
    • Resistance

Outstanding Online Course

Finalists for this award will be reviewed and evaluated using the following criteria in a rubric form:

  • Imaginative Approach / Instructional and Technology Innovation:
    The nominee has implemented a creative approach to one or more emerging instructional challenges. Instructional media and technology tools used in the online course support learning objectives and promote learner engagement. This component provides an opportunity to showcase specific ways they have creatively structured their course, in addition to the tools used to deliver materials.
  • Quality of the Online Course Design, including Course Materials and Instructional Strategies:
    The nominee has created well-designed course materials and utilized appropriate instructional strategies. The course design includes good structure with learning objectives and organized content.
  • Learner Satisfaction:
    This area addresses how diverse style learners are supported in the online environment. The nominee has demonstrated rapport with learners as well as other course participants, student engagement, and the accommodation of differing learning styles. (Student feedback on course effectiveness, ADA Compliance, Accessibility and UDL)
  • Effective Learning and Interaction Goals and Outcomes:
    The nominee has demonstrated effectiveness in achieving desired learning outcomes in the online course(s).