Distance Learning – Student Testimonials

Online students share their thoughts about our online/hybrid courses and the benefits of online distance learning at UNT Dallas. Here are a few quotes from our online students:


Flexibility of distance learning

"All of my course content is easily available online and I can access it on my phone which is great for receiving announcements and updates when my computer is not near by."

"I can upload all of my homework, participate in discussion boards, email my instructors, access course content and do so many other things through the online system."

"Taking my courses online saves me time. I'm able to work and study!"

"I have learned a lot from my course work. Online courses have allowed me to go back to school despite a very busy workload. It has also helped me develop better study habits."

"I appreciate being able to work at my own pace."

"I am very appreciative that on-line courses are offererd through UNT Dallas. They make graduation foreseeable due to a full time work schedule."

"The fact that one can enter the class at any time and find the lecture notes readily available is a convenient and efficient way of studying. Congratulations to UNT Dallas for providing a highly available option of studying because this has enabled me to study as well as work."

"I love online classes and hope to finish my undergrad with online classes and then start my Master's Degree with online classes only."


Diversity and quality of students

"I like the fact that i can communicate and discuss a topic with my colleagues about a discussion the teacher has posted. Being able to see what others think and exchange ideas is important to me."

"The online course effectively, easily and productively brings together in a collaborative learning environment people with different perspectives, concerns and experiences who want to interact, learn and engage together."

"The high-level discussions from people with varying backgrounds were the highlight of the course. These different perspectives really helped broaden my understanding of the course content."


Outperforming traditional study

"I had less distractions taking my courses online than on campus. They are self paced and easier to complete the assignments."

"I thought UNT Dallas online classes were great. I felt them easy to use and felt I learned like if I was at campus everyday."

"I thoroughly enjoy the online class option. It allows me to be a student on my on terms."

"I was able to get the content I needed to quickly as well as the help section. If I was unsure of how to locate an area, the help area helped me."

"I appreciate my professors being able to upload videos, movies and other medias to further my learning. Its especially helpful with my online courses since we don't meet for lecture. It tends to make a clearer point and relates to what we're learning about. I definitely depended on Blackboard for all of my classes, online and on campus."

"My Professor videotaped his lessons and that was so helpful for me to understand what I was reading. I think all online Professors should do this."

"The classes supplement instruction with an ample supply of pre-selected videos, and that is great. This class in particular was very exciting and I loved the professor's strategy to deliver the content."

Online Student Testimonials