Welcome to the Blackboard Help & Support Site for Faculty at UNT Dallas. This site will help you use our Blackboard LMS, design and develop your course sites and help answer some of your questions.

The following tutorials are available in PDF format and interactive videos for using Blackboard 9.1 for Faculty. To view the video tutorials, you may need to install the latest version of the free Adobe Flash Player.


Before You Start

  Organizing your Online Content (PDF)
  Preparing your Content for Online Delivery (PDF)
  Moving your Content into Blackboard (PDF)
  Creating Accessible Course Content (PDF)
  Balancing Asynchronous and Synchronous Learning in Blackboard (PDF)


Get Started

  Bb 9.1 Course Management Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
  Blackboard Tool and Functionality Guide (PDF)
  2012 Blackboard Exemplary Course Rubric (PDF)
  Begining of Semester Blackboard Checklist



Working In The Course Environment 
  Manage the "My Courses" Module Settings (PDF)
  Hiding Courses from View on the Home Page (PDF)
  Getting Started with the Course Environment (Video)
  Exploring the Course Environment (PDF)
  Course-To-Course Navigation (Video)
  Select the Course Entry Point (Video)
  Add a Banner to Your Course Entry Point (Video)
  Create a Blank Page (for displaying content) (Video)
  Adding Files to Course Files (Video)
  Making Your Course Available to Students (PDF | Video)
  Manage the Course Menu (PDF | Video)


Building The Course Content

  Using the Content Editor (Video)
 Comparing the New Content Editor with the Legacy Text Editor (PDF)
  Edit the Course Home Page (Video)
  Create an Item (PDF)
  Create a File (PDF)
  Add an Image (PDF)
  Copy Content (PDF)
  Move Content (PDF)
  Capture a screen in Windows XP (PDF)
  Build a Learning Module (PDF | Video)
  Create a Lesson Plan (PDF | Video)
  Create a Module Page (PDF)
  Create a Content Folder (PDF)
  Create a Blank Page (PDF | Video)
  Add a Glossary Term (Video)
  Create Syllabus (PDF)
  Add Textbook Information (Video)
  Create a Tool Link (PDF | Video)
  Create a Course Link (PDF)
  Add a URL (PDF | Video)
  Create a Mashup (Video)
  Mashups - Pasting from Word (PDF)
  Mashups - Using Flickr (PDF)
  Mashups - Using Slideshare (PDF)
  Mashups - Using YouTube (PDF)
  Attach Course Files to a Content Item (Video)
  Tour the Course Files Feature (Video)
  Add Your Own Web Content Through Course Files (Video)
  Enable Review Status (PDF
Adaptive Release  
  Create a Simple Adaptive Release Rule (PDF | Video)
  Best Practices for Using Adaptive Release (PDF
  Create Multiple Rules to Release a Content Item

(PDF | Video)


Communication And Collaboration

Announcements and Scheduling  
  Create an Announcement (PDF | Video)
  Create a Course Contact (PDF | Video)
  Create a Course Task (PDF | Video)
  Send Email (PDF | Video)
  Send Blackboard Messages (Video)
  Create a Blog (PDF | Video)
  Create and Edit Blog Entries (Video)
  Commenting on a Blog Entry (Video)
  Manage and Grade Blogs (PDF)
  Work with Group Blogs (PDF)
  Create and Manage a Chat Session (PDF)
Getting Started with Interactive Tool (PDF)
Discussion Board  
  Create and Edit a Discussion Board Forum (PDF | Video)
  Manage and Grade a Discussion Board Forum (PDF | Video)
  Change Discussion Board Forum Settings (Video)
  Create a Discussion Board Thread (Video)
  Reply to a Discussion Board Thread (Video)
  Grade Discussion Board Threads (Video)
  Search the Discussion Board and Collect Posts (Video)
  Tag Discussion Board Posts (Video)
  Rate Discussion Board Threads (Video)
  Manage Discussion Board Roles (Video)
  Moderate Discussion Board Forums (Video)
  Work with the Group Discussion Board (PDF)
  Getting Started with Journal Prompts (PDF)
  Create a Journal (PDF | Video)
  Create and Edit Journal Entries (Video)
  Commenting on a Journal Entry (Video)
  Manage and Grade Journals (PDF)
  Work with Group Journals (PDF)
  Add a Twitter Feed in Your Course (PDF)
Virtual Classroom  
  Create and Manage a Virtual Classroom Session (PDF)
  Create a Wikis (PDF | Video)
  Adding Rich Content to a Wiki (Video)
  Editing Wiki Pages (Video)
  Linking Wiki Pages (Video)
 Viewing a Wiki Page History (Video)
  Manage and Grade Wikis (PDF | Video)
  Work with Group Wikis (PDF)
Post a Google Docs link into your Bb Course (Video)


Assessing Learners

  Getting Started with Assignments (PDF)
  Downloading Assignments (Video)
  Clean Out Graded Assignment Files (Video)
  Create Extra Credit Activity (PDF)
Grade Center  
  The Grade Center (PDF | Video)
  The Needs Grading Page (PDF)
  Managing Grade Attempts (PDF)
  Hide a Grade Center Column from Student View (PDF)
  Create Smart Views (Video)
  Create a Grade Rule (PDF | Video)
  View Grade Details (Video)
  Anonymous Grading (Video)
  Create Grading Notes (Video)
  Create a Grade Center Report (Video)
  Grade Assessments Question by Question (Video)
  View and Download Grade History (Video)
  Color Code the Grade Center (Video)
  Work Offline with the Grade Center (Video)
  Create a Grading Rubric (PDF | Video)
  More on Interactive Rubrics (PDF)
  Associating a Rubric with a Gradable Item (Video)
  Grading with Rubrics (Video)
  Blackboard Rubrics Quick Guide (PDF)
Student Performance  
  Performance Dashboard (Video)
  Check on Students with the Performance Dashboard (PDF | Video)
  Early Warning System (PDF)
  Send Notifications (PDF | Video)
  Edit Notifications (PDF)
  Create Rules for Notifications and Alerts (PDF)
Tests and Surveys  
  Online Assessment (PDF)
  Create a Survey (PDF)
  Read Survey Results (Video)
  Getting Started with Building a Test (PDF)
  Create a Test (PDF | Video)
  Setting Test Options (includes setting the timer for a test) (Video)
  Automatic Regrading (PDF | Video)
  Test Question Types (PDF)
  Create a Multiple Choice Question (Video)
  Create a True or False Question (Video)
  Create a Fill in the Blank Question (Video)
  Create a Fill in Multiple Blanks Question (Video)
  Create a Short Answer Question (Video)
  Create a Matching Question (Video)
  Create a Calculated Formula Question (Video)
  Create a Calculated Numeric Question (Video)
  Create an Essay Question (Video)
  Create a Hot Spot Question (Video)
  Create a Jumbled Question (Video)
  Create a Linkert Question (Video)
  Create a Multiple Answer Question (Video)
  Create an Ordering Question (Video)
  Create a Quiz Bowl Question (Video)
  Add an Existing Question to a Test (Video)
  Create Test Pools (PDF | Video)
  Create a Random Block and Add It to a Test (Video)
  Tagging Question for Reuse: Categories & Keywords (Video)
  Question Finder: Metadata (Video)
  Export and Import a Test or Survey (Video)
  Upload Test Questions from Excel (PDF | Video)
  Awarding Negative Points for Incorrect Answers (Video)
  Best Practices for Faculty - Quizzes and Surveys (PDF)
  Strategies to Minimize Cheating in Online Exams (PDF)
  Testing Best Practices for Students in Blackboard Learn (PDF)
  Create a Self and Peer Assessment (PDF)
  Best Practices for Using Self & Peer Assessments (PDF)


 Managing Group Work

  Getting Started with Groups (PDF)
  Create a Group (PDF | Video)
  Create Group Sets (PDF | Video)


Setting Permissions

  Turning Tool Availability On and Off (Video)
  Making Tools Available to Students (Video)


 Reporting And Course Utilities

  Course Reports (Video)
  Run a Report of User Activity by Content Area (PDF)
  Run a Report of User Activity by Forum (PDF)
  Run a Report of User Activity by Group (PDF )
  Run a Report of All User Activity (PDF | Video)
  Save a Course Report (PDF | Video)
  Turn on Statistics Tracking for a Content Item (PDF | Video)


Content Reuse

  Copy a Course (PDF)
  Copy Content (PDF)
  Export a Course (PDF | Video)
  Archive a Course (PDF | Video)
  Import a Course Package

(PDF | Video)


At the End  

  End of Semester Blackboard Checklist (PDF)


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