The Office of Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies has created several brochures to help you, as a student of UNT Dallas, have a successful online experience when it comes to the world of eLearning. The following documents are Adobe PDF. If you do not have the latest version of Adobe Reader, click here to download it.

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Is An Online Course Right for You? (Adobe PDF File 148 Kb)

Are you prepared to take an online course at UNT Dallas? Take this Self-Assessment Quiz to see if online courses are right for you! This assessment is designed to provide you with information about your possible success in an online course.

Skills and Strategies for Online Courses (Adobe PDF File 187 Kb)
Online learning is a very unique educational experience, as an online student you will have a much different "classroom" experience than a student in a traditional classroom setting. In order to ensure that you are fully prepared for your online courses at UNT Dallas, the following is a list of expectations and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Courses (Adobe PDF File 146 Kb)
Some of the most commonly asked questions (and their answers) by online and hybrid students at UNT Dallas.

Online Student Tips for Success! (Adobe PDF File 254 Kb)
Successful online students have a few things in common. If you want to excel in your assignments, be a productive, contributing member of classroom discussions, and overcome the challenges of learning from a distance, give these tips a try.

Blackboard FAQ for Students (Adobe PDF File 6.76 Mb)
Blackboard is an online software tool that your instructor will use to teach all or part of your course online. Depending on how your instructor set up the course, you may use Blackboard to: View important announcements, Participate in online discussions and small group activities, Access course materials and resources on the Web, Submit your assignments, take on-line tests and quizzes, and check your grades. This brochure is a Students’ Guide to Using Blackboard.

Netiquette and Effective Electronic Communication (Adobe PDF File 267 Kb)
The rules of “netiquette,” the do’s and don’ts of online communication, provide concrete ways to make our communication more effective, and increase the probability that our messages will be well received and understood by others. The netiquette rules outlined in this brochure pertain to email, newsgroups, and discussion boards.

Online Discussions: Tips for Students (Adobe PDF File 124 Kb)
Online discussions can help you prepare for class, learn discussion skills, practice your writing skills, and learn from each other. However, remember that online discussions are first and foremost dialogues, not writing assignments. To be successful, you need to translate your face to face discussion skills to the online environment. The following tips should help highlight key features of effective online discussion strategies.

Best Practices for Students with Online Tests in Blackboard (Adobe PDF File 92 Kb)
This brochure steps though a procedure you should consider when taking a Blackboard test. Following these steps will minimize the problems that can occur with testing through Blackboard.

Top 10 Blackboard Tips for Students (Adobe PDF File 210 Kb)
The following are useful tips on successful learning skills while using Blackboard at UNT Dallas.

What If...? Get the Answers! (Adobe PDF File 159 Kb)
Get the answers to some of the most frequently scenarios and questions if you're knew to distance education at UNT Dallas.


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