DLIT instructional design services include:

  • Guidance and resources for faculty to use in online, hybrid, web-enhanced, and face-to-face courses
  • Any variation of the 5 phases in ADDIE in online, hybrid, web-enhanced, and face-to-face courses
  • Online and Hybrid Course Approval
  • Project planning, project management, and/or student input


There are a variety of ways to approach instructional or course design.  DLIT adapts the approach defined by the foundational instructional design framework, ADDIE (i.e. Analysis, Design, Development, Implement, and Evaluation).  ADDIE is an iterative approach divided in to 5 phases. Each phase has a specific purpose:

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  • Analysis – clarify instructional goals, define the learning environment, and characterize the learners existing knowledge and skills
  • Design –systematically develop the plan for instruction based on the analysis
  • Development – create and assemble the course in the learning management system
  • Implementation – create training for adjuncts and/or learners, insure needed technology is available and working in classrooms and labs
  • Evaluation – provide assistance and feedback according to best practices and research-based standards in distance learning

    REQUIREMENT: All fully online and hybrid courses must be approved to be DEVELOPED and DELIVERED prior to courses being placed on Class Search and/or taught at UNTD. The Electronic Course Approval Form & Delivery Process form is found below.

    The Process

    Electronic Course Approval Form & Delivery Process

    Cynthia Johnson, MS
    Instructional Design Coordinator
    Founders Hall, Ste. 124
    Phone: 972.38.1443
    Email: Cynthia.Johnson@untdallas.edu

    Quality Checklists

    Development Steps

    Course Delivery Form


    How do I start?

    To find out more about developing an online course or the schedule an initial consultation, contact DLIT at 972-338-1443 or email an Instructional Designer.