The Experiential Learning Office primarily focuses on empowering students to be professionally successful through access to profitable networks, professional development skills, and meaningful community connections for post-graduation marketability, networking and employment. 

Students will have the opportunity to: (a) apply their educational competencies through experiential learning in the community; (b) deepen their understanding of course content and develop critical thinking through direct research or service based activities; and (c) access resources to enhance their professional development and skill set to become more marketable.

Community Service, though separate from experiential learning, is also acknowledged as a form of developing civic responsibility and personal growth.


Services offered to students include but are not limited to:

- Assistance in identifying their learning style

- Assistance in finding appropriate placement at approved sites

- Appropriate trainings and informational resources

- Recognition opportunities for the service they commit to the community.

Services offered to faculty includes but are not limited to:

- Assistance in providing experiential learning opportunities for their students

- Showcasing the great work between faculty and students centered on experiential learning 

- Assistance in the capturing and recording process

- Providing educational presentations about experiential learning

- Internship course development 

- Informational resources of the university policies and best practices for experiential learning

Services provided to community partners includes but are not limited to:

- Opportunities to recruit and speak to students

- Assessments to insure quality efforts and satisfaction

- Success stories featured

- Resources for improved policies and best practices


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