Event Coordination FAQs


Where do I submit a room reservation?

UNTD Campus Groups: https://www.aaiscloud.com/UNTXDallas

External Groups: https://www.untdallas.edu/external-groups


Who approves room reservation requests?

All events on University property except regularly scheduled classes must be scheduled and approved through the Manager of Event Operations and must be issued an approved Facilities Request Form to be listed on any University calendar or to be publicized (e.g., flyer, poster, media, etc.). The submission of the request form does not guarantee a reservation; it only notifies the Manager of Event Operations of the request.


What is the deadline for requesting a room reservation?

Requests to reserve campus facilities must be submitted to the Manager of Event Operations a minimum of 21 days prior to the date of the activity (or a minimum of 30 days if special set-up or arrangements are needed). Any changes to the room setup less than 2 days before the event will result in an additional setup fee in accordance with the UNT Dallas Building Rental Rate Chart.


How do I request a detailed Facilities setup?

Facilities Setup- Specific instructions for room/table/chair setup. It is best to add this as you complete the request in Astra and for external groups on the room request form.


How do I request IT support?

Complete the IT Event Support Request Form and email it to: helpdesk@untdallas.edu


How do I request reserved or bus parking?

Send any parking requests to: askparkingandtransportation@untdallas.edu


How do I request security for my event?

Send all requests for security by completing the request for security staffing form and email to: Jakim.Williams@untdallas.edu


How do I place a catering order?

ECI- All food must be ordered through our on-site catering company. To place catering: Order Here


Where can I find other information regarding UNT Dallas event reservations?

When in doubt, please refer to the most current UNTD Facilities Use Guideline which can be found on the UNTD shared drive.


How do I manage events involving minors?


Events involving minors must be approved by Risk Management before the reservation can be confirmed. Staff, faculty, or students working with any program or event must have a current background check completed and successfully complete Sexual Assault Child Molestation Awareness Training before hosting the event.


What is the process for hosting events that serve alcohol?


Events where alcohol beverages will be sold, provided, or consumed must be approved by the CFO at least 10 business days prior to the date of the event using the Alcohol Use Request Form.  All sales, service, and consumption of alcoholic beverages must comply with Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission regulations and rules. See UNTD Policy 11.003 for more details.


What form of payment is accepted for reserving facilities for my event?


Checks are our preferred method of payment. Make all checks payable to University of North Texas at Dallas. On the envelope or package please write ATTN: Event Operations and mail to 7300 University Hills Blvd. Dallas, TX 75241. Cash payments must be made in person to our Student Business Services Counter located on the first floor of the Student Center.


I need ADA accommodations for my event how is that handled?

Please indicate any ADA accommodations in the set up notes when filling out request forms. As a common practice, Facilities tries to make sure the rooms are ADA Accessible in every set up. Please send specific ADA requests for an event to roomreservations@untdallas.edu and changes to your set up will be made accordingly.