Tuesday, 04/21 2:00am

Breath it in. Sweat it out.

Power Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners

Do classes have you stressed out? Does work have you wishing you could find a little “time to yourself”? Are you looking for a way to build muscle… increase your flexibility… multiply your mental focus… or just escape from stress for an hour each week?

Start the New Year off right. Give yourself the gift of six classes. Learn the basics. Build a foundation for your own personal power vinyasa flow. It isn’t about being brave, bendy or buff. It’s about taking your current abilities to the next level… in a light-hearted way… with others who are learning right alongside you. Sign up. Grab a mat. Bring a friend.

Reserve a space in 2016 just for YOU! 
If you’re a UNTD student or staff member it’s FREE!

Join the FB event https://www.facebook.com/events/704729699628650/ or contact justin.jacques@untdallas.edu!

Six Week Program: January 20th - February 24th 

Wednesdays at 5:30pm - 6:30pm