Asst Prof Teach Ed/Special Ed School of Education
PhD - The University of Wisconsin, Madison; Madison, WisconsinMS - The University of Wisconsin, Madison; Madison, WisconsinMS - Saint Cloud State University; St. Cloud, MinnesotaBS - Saint Cloud State University; St. Cloud, Minnesota
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My Mission:


I want to closely examine what people are doing in classrooms that are innovative and stimulating, especially in this era of standards and accountability.


My Areas of Interest:


• Equity, Diversity, & Social Justice in Education

• Education Policy Analysis

• Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

• Response to Intervention

• Theories in Justice and Law

• Special Education Law

• No Child Left Behind

• School/Community Relationships

• Urban Youth Development

• Social, Political, & Cultural Systems

• Urban Education



Personal Statement:


I have been a professional educator, consultant, and advocate for nearly 20 years, and my research examines the cultural relationships between urban adolescent youth and social systems (e.g., political, economic, community). My immediate interest lies in understanding the influence of race in urban education, the social interaction between race and social systems, and social justice in education. From a practical and theoretical perspective, my frame of reference draws from theories of justice and law, educational policy analysis, sociology, political science, community organizing, urban youth culture, and the law. My focus is to provide pre-service and active service educators with innovations that will assist them in improving their social interactions and communications with urban adolescents.