Program Coordinator (Sociology) Sociology and Psychology
PhD in Sociology Master of Arts in SociologyMasters of Arts in International AffairsBachelor of Arts in English Literature and Philosophy
972-338-1841 | Founders 316

Adrian James Tan joined the faculty of UNT-Dallas in 2014, after 10 years as a faculty at Southern Methodist University; and specializes in Sociological Theory, Race and Ethnic Relations, Social Psychology, Sports Sociology, and Quantitative Data Research Methods.

Tan is the author of four books: Humans and the Environment (2011), Million Dollar Muscle (2012), Changing Relationships (2012), and The Business of Sports (2018).

Tan has spent many years in the fitness industry, and is well connected with those associated with the business. He spends long hours at the gym working out, and loves to run and swim when he has the time.

Tan teaches the following courses: Sociology of Sport, Sport and Masculinity, Women and Sport, Sport, Market, and Culture, Community Organizations, Quantitative Data Collection, Sociological Theory, Social Psychology, Urban Sociology, Introduction to Race and Ethnicity, Race and Ethnic Minorities, and Sociology Capstone.