The Facilities division has a primary responsibility of managing the UNT Dallas campus and building usage functions, including life safety, thermal comfort, lighting, food service, janitorial service, maintenance, trash/recycling, and community use. The facilities of UNT Dallas are primarily for use by its students, faculty, and staff for activities and events that are directly related to fulfilling the educational mission of the University.  The University is committed to being an integral part of our surrounding community and seeks to enrich members of the University community through its academic, cultural, and recreational programs and events. Consistent with this commitment, the University will make available certain University facilities for use by recognized student groups, University-affiliated groups and non-affiliated groups provided there is not a conflict with scheduled University activities or events, and the usage does not detract from the University’s mission, goals, and policies. 

The purpose of the Facilities Use Guidelines are to:

  • Establish regulations for reserving space or using campus grounds or buildings:
  • Centralize the process of scheduling facilities;
  • Minimize scheduling conflicts;
  • Ensure the proper and efficient use of University facilities; and
  • Provide efficient and timely information regarding campus activities and events.