Representatives in the Student Financial Aid and Scholarships office can take special circumstances into consideration as decisions are being made about financial aid award packages. Below are examples of situations that are considered to be "special circumstances."

    •    Loss or reduction of employment, wages, or unemployment compensation
    •    Loss of untaxed income or benefits e.g. Social Security benefits or child support
    •    Separation or divorce
    •    Death of a parent or spouse
    •    Parent enrolled in college
    •    Unusually high medical expenses

What is the process for Special Circumstances?

You or your parents should call the Student Financial Aid and Scholarships office to explain your special circumstances. The financial aid administrator will then give you forms to complete so you can describe your situation.

After learning more about your situation, the administrator may be able to exercise what is known as "Professional Judgment," which gives them the authority to make changes to your financial aid application.