For Title IV purposes, a student who has enrolled in a session(s) and does not complete the session(s) in which he was enrolled is considered to have withdrawn and a Return to Title IV calculation (R2T4) will be completed.

We will not consider you to have withdrawn for the semester if:

  • You give the institution written confirmation that you will attend a session that begins later in the Summer Semester. The written confirmation must be provided at the time that would otherwise have been a withdrawal.

You may change the date of your attendance in a later session than originally indicated, provided that:

  • The later session begins in the semester;
  • You make the change in writing prior to the date you had previously confirmed.

If you do not attend the later session(s), the date of withdrawal from the previous session will be used as the official withdrawal date to determine the amount of Title IV aid to be returned to the U.S. Department of Education (R2T4 calculation).