If you’re not eligible to apply for federal financial aid, then you may be able to receive aid from the state. You apply for state financial aid by completing the Texas Application for State Financial Aid.

State and/or Institutional Financial Aid Eligibility Through Texas Residency

Since September 1, 2001, Texas Legislation (House Bill 1403) has allowed schools in the state of Texas the opportunity to award certain state and/or institutional financial aid to assist students pursuing an undergraduate degree if they met the state’s criteria for Texas Residency.  New legislation enacted effective Fall 2006 (Senate Bill 1528) expands the option for residency to other students, too (not just international students).

Currently, the University of North Texas at Dallas will accept the paper Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Texas Application for Federal Student Aid (TASFA) application to consider eligible new and continuing students for state and/or institutional financial aid.

How will you know if you’re able to fill out the Texas Application for State Financial Aid? See the chart below to find out.


Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TAFSA)

I am a U.S. citizen


I am a permanent resident with an Alien Registration Card (I-551)


I am a conditional permanent resident with visa type I-551C


I am an eligible noncitizen with an Arrival/Departure Record (I-94) showing one of the following:

  • Refugee
  • Asylum granted
  • Parolee (for a minimum of one year)
  • Cuban-Haitian entrant


I do not meet one of the statuses above; however, I have been classified as a Texas resident and therefore am eligible to pay the Texas in-state tuition rate. My classification as a Texas resident is NOT due to an in-state scholarship or assistantship.


Federal income tax return transcripts are required if you filed taxes and are submitting a Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA). Request a free “Tax Return Transcript” from the IRS online  or by calling 1-800-908-9946. Please be sure to sign your tax return transcript before submitting them to our office for processing.

TASFA Application

Download the TASFA Application (The form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed.
You can download Acrobat Reader from http://get.adobe.com/reader.)

  1. The University of North Texas at Dallas Admissions Office determines if students meet the state’s requirements for Texas Residency.  If you believe your residency should be reclassified, please contact the Admissions Office.  Please Note: You must be classified as a Texas resident in order to qualify for state and/or institutional student financial aid.  Also, keep in mind that state definitions of residency have NO impact on a student’s eligibility for federal student financial aid. 
  2. If you meet the state’s requirement for Texas Residency, please download the TAFSA application using the link on our website, and forward the completed application to our office for review and consideration.
  3. In order to receive state and/or institutional financial aid, program and student eligibility as well as availability of funding may affect the financial aid awarded to you. 

Contact Us

Please call 972-780-3662 or e-mail financialaid@untdallas.edu if you have additional questions.