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Gallup Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement at UNT Dallas

At UNT Dallas, our goal is to become a nationally recognized, customer focused, best place to work. This would be a workplace in which all team members are engaged in our mission. They are able to do–and are inspired to do–their best work. To help us determine our progress in creating an engaged culture, we use the Gallup Employee Engagement Survey, which is administered each January. On this survey, we also ask team members how likely they are to recommend UNT Dallas as a place to work.


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All supervisors will complete training on the Employee Engagement Toolkit.  The purpose of the training is to learn how to use the toolkit with the final goal of improving the engagement of our team.  By improving engagement, we will increase our ability to achieve UNTD’s visionary goals.

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Our University

Mission:  Empower Students. Transform Lives. Strengthen Communities.

Vision:  Through education and community connectedness, UNT Dallas aspires to be the pathway to social mobility in its primary market.

Goals: Rooted in community. Become the leading university in Southern Dallas and nearby suburbs. Grow. Increase enrollment, retention and completion rates with experiential learning while developing critical thinking and marketable skills for every student. Serve. Relentless pursuit of student success.

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