1. Complete the UNT Dallas Proposal Checklist and forward the information to your grant contact for the UNT Dallas campus.  Note:  All items on the UNT Dallas New Proposal Checklist must be provided to your grant contact 10 business days prior to the agency deadline.
  2. The UNT Dallas grant contact will work with the Principal Investigator (PI) to prepare draft proposal budget using the Budget Builder.  Once the draft proposal budget is prepared, a copy will be sent to the Principal Investigator (PI) for review and approval.  Upon approval, the UNT Dallas Proposal Routing Form will be prepared by the grant contact for signatures. 
  3. The UNT Dallas grant contact will work with the PI to obtain the required signatures of all PI(s)/Co-PIs, the Department Chair, and the School Dean.  After securing the signatures of the PIs/Co-PIs, chair and dean, the form will be given to the provost for final signature.
  4. The completely signed proposal routing form, project summary, proposal budget, and budget justification will be sent to UNT Denton OGCA for review and submission of proposal.  NOTE:  If there is cost sharing or a course load reduction request associated with your proposal, those documents will be part of the proposal package that is sent to UNT Denton OGCA.