Iftekhar Amin

Associate Professor

972.338.1380 | Iftekhar.Amin@untdallas.edu
327, Founders Hall (B2)

Jennifer Baggerly

Professor of Counseling

972-338-1575 | jennifer.baggerly@untdallas.edu
332, Founders Hall (B2)

Froswa' Booker-Drew

Adjunct Instructor of Counseling and Human Services

214-500-4608 | Froswa'.Booker-drew@untdallas.edu
302A, Founders Hall (B2)

Amanda Coleman-Mason

972-338-1345 | Amanda.Coleman-Mason@unt.edu
219, Founders Hall (B2)

T. Even

Graduate Counseling Faculty

972-338-1376 | trigg.even@untdallas.edu
331, Founders Hall (B2)

LaCrisia Gilbert

Adjunct Lecturer

(972) 338-13 | lacrisia.gilbert@unt.edu
7300 U, Founders Hall (B2)

Constance Lacy

Dean of the School Human Services

972-338-1381 | constance.lacy@untdallas.edu
Founde, Founders Hall (B2)

Leslie Laws

Adjunct Faculty

(214) 668-69 | leslie.laws@unt.edu
305, Founders Hall (B2)

Yu-Fen Lin

Program Coordinator of Counseling Program, Asst Professor of Counseling Program, Internship Coordinator

972.338.1338 | Yu-fen.Lin@untdallas.edu
330, Founders Hall (B2)

Sheila Lumar

Program Coordinator of Human Services Management and Leadership

972-338-1377 | Shelia.Lumar@untdallas.edu
328, Founders Hall (B2)

Cyndi Matthews

Counseling Lecturer

None | cynthia.matthews@untdallas.edu
n/a, Admin (B1)

Amy McCortney


- | amy.mccortney@unt.edu
-, Founders Hall (B2)

Dana Mitchell

972-338-1345 | dana.mitchell@unt.edu
305, Founders Hall (B2)

Janice Moore

Visiting Lecturer

972-338-1389 | janice.moore@untdallas.edu
329, Founders Hall (B2)

Dr. Phillip Ortiz

Adjunct Instructor of Counseling & Human Servcies

- | phillip.ortiz@unt.edu
-, Founders Hall (B2)

Joy Patton

Asst Prof Human Services

972.338.1382 | joy.patton@unt.edu
Founde, Admin (B1)

James David Renfro

972-929-7178 | David.Renfro@unt.edu
n/a, Founders Hall (B2)

Cynthia Spann, LCSW

Adjunct Professor

682-226-2336 | Cynthia.Spann@untdallas.edu
Founde, Founders Hall (B2)

Nedra Y. Washington

Program Coordinator of Child Development and Family Studies

972.338.1393 | nedra.washington@untdallas.edu
325, Founders Hall (B2)

Rhonda Wilkinson-Jaynes

(972) 338-13 | rhonda.wilkinson-jaynes@untdallas.edu
337, Founders Hall (B2)

What students are saying

"I love UNT Dallas and the people here. The university is filled with genuine people that care about your future and make sure you are on the right path."

Ruhama, Class of 2018

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