Bachelors Degree Program Advisors

Your advisors will help to:

  • Encourage, explore and assist you with defining realistic educational goals
  • Actively listen to your concerns, remain open-minded, respectful and maintain confidentiality of your records
  • Explain and assist you with learning University Policies and Procedures
  • Provide you with the tools you need to make informed decisions concerning degree completion

Students responsibilites include, but not limited to:

  • Preparing for your advising appoinment
  • compliance with university catalog policies and requirements
  • satisfactory completion of all 'in progress' course work
  • notifying your college of major/degree/catalog year changes
  • meeting all course/sequence prerequisites
  • submitting official transcripts of all transfer work
  • applying for graduation during your final semester by the deadline listed in the schedule of classes
  • meeting all graduation requirements as listed in your university catalog

Advising Team

Academic Counselors and Advisors

Erica Esparza

Administrative Specialist
(972) 338-1645  

Jessica Gilmore

Senior Academic Counselor
(972) 338-1645

Lucy Hill

Academic Advisor
(972) 338-1645

Daron Lee 

Academic Advisor
(972) 338-1645

Hannah Musgrove

Academic Advisor
(972) 338-1645

Zarmina Nawab

Academic Counselor
(972) 338-1645

Janeeka Smith

Transfer Senior Academic Counselor
(972) 338-1645