A Welcome to All Individuals

UNT Dallas strives to create an inclusive and engaging environment for all students to learn and grow.  As a community of individuals constantly seeking education and personal development the Office of Student Life wishes to craft programming that encourage open dialogues about the differences that enrich our community.  Campus multicultural programming may include, but is not limited to the celebration of the following:

  • International Day of Peace (September 12)
  • Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15)
  • GLBT History Month (October 1-October 31)
  • Disability Awareness Month (October 1-October 31)
  • Native American Heritage Month (November 1-November 30)
  • Black History Month (February 1-February 28)
  • Irish American Heritage Month (March 1-March 31)
  • Women’s History Month (March 1-March 31)
  • Earth Day (April 22)
  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (May 1-May 31)

Details for each of these months to come...

If any student would like to see programming created surrounding a specific issue or identity that is not already taking place on campus please contact the UNT Dallas Student Affairs.  Want to get involved and help plan these types of events?  Email Marcus Roberson at Marcus@untdallas.edu  or call 972.388.1778.