Presidential Jaguar Scholars Program
“Developing the Leaders Dallas Needs”


The University of North Texas at Dallas (UNT Dallas) The Presidential Jaguar Scholars program is a four year academic merit based scholarship for incoming freshman students. In addition to receiving substantial financial support, Presidential Jaguar Scholars (PJ’s) participate in leadership development experiences, community service initiatives and cultural programming. They also serve as the President’s ambassadors for the University.


Presidential Jaguar Scholars are equipped to be

  • Engaged leaders on campus and in the surrounding community.
  • Knowledgeable in local, national, and world affairs including, civic engagement, social justice, intellectual innovation and technological based communications.
  • Aware of various elements of diversity and their impacts on the cultural, economic, physical, and intellectual issues in society.
  • Excited by diverse perspectives and points of view in order to increase their understanding of dialogue and intellectual debate.

Presidential Jaguar Scholars Program Criteria

The Presidential Jaguar Scholars program seeks to admit a diverse group of enthusiastic and talented students from various high schools in the Dallas- Fort Worth metropolitan area. While the Presidential Jaguar Scholars Program values high academic achievement, it is also important that Presidential Jaguar Scholars are well- rounded individuals who are dedicated to serving their campus and community.

Admissions and Selection Process

1. Students wishing to be considered for the Presidential Jaguar Scholars Program must first meet all of the University’s general admission requirements.

2. After the Office of Undergraduate Admissions has reviewed their application, the applicant will be notified of their eligibility for the Presidential Jaguar Scholars Program via e-mail will receive additional information as well as the Presidential Jaguar Scholars application.

3. Once the Presidential Jaguar Scholars application is submitted, the selection committee will invite select applicants to attend an on-campus interview. The Presidential Jaguar Scholars Program’s selection committee, with the endorsement of the President, will then inform the applicants of the results by early spring.

For More Information
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