The Division of Business and Public Leadership offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Logistics & Supply Chain Management major. Faculty teach and conduct research in a variety of areas, including International Supply Chain, transportation and logistics planning, E-Logistics, Operations Management, and marketing Channels. Logistics and supply chain management encompasses all the activities involved in getting a product to the consumer, including coordinating product delivery, reviewing supply and demand trends, and working with suppliers and/or manufacturers.

The field of logistics is so large that almost any business organization may be viewed as a potential employer for a logistics graduate. The types of businesses and organizations most likely to employ logistics managers include communication, consulting, government and military, manufacturing, material handling, merchandising, retail, software and computer service, telecommunications and transportation firms, equipment manufacturers and dealers, print media, public warehouses, and wholesale distributors.

Program Requirements

Requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Logistics & Supply Chain Management include the following.

  1. Hours Required and General/College Requirements: A minimum of 120 semester hours, of which 42 must be at the 3000 level or above (advanced), and fulfillment of degree requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree.
  2. Pre-Business Requirements: Students must have completed at least 45 credit hours of the pre-business program to be admitted into the major. Enrollment in upper-division courses is restricted until the following courses are complete with a C or above and a cumulative 2.7 UNT Dallas GPA.
    1. ENGL 1313D- Computer Assisted Writing I
    2. ENGL 1323D- Computer Assisted Writing II
    3. ECON 1100D- Microeconomics
    4. ECON 1110D- Macroeconomics
    5. MATH 1190D- Business Calculus
    6. COMM 1010D- Intro to Communications (exempt from grade of C or higher rule)
    7. BCIS 2610D- Intro to Computers in Business
    8. ACCT 2010D- Accounting Principles I
    9. ACCT 2020D- Accounting Principles II
    10. DSCI 2710D- Data Description & Analysis with Spreadsheets
  3. Internship Requirement: A paid internship is required for the LSCM degree. Eligibility is based on approval from the LSCM department and fulfilling GPA and major course requirements. Credit is not given for past or current experience. See advisor for more information.
  4. Other Requirements: Students who have courses that “double-dip,” which count for both core and major, may be required to take additional electives to meet the 120 semester hour requirement.

Suggested Academic Plan

This is a suggested academic plan for full-time students. Students may make adjustments and consult the current Undergraduate Catalog for course prerequisites.

*Denotes classes that satisfy a requirement where there may be other class choices available, please see your advisor for full course list.
^ Denotes general Elective; please see your advisor for options.
{ } Denotes “double-dip” courses which count for both core and major course list.

Suggested 4-year degree plan

First Year  Second Year
Fall Spring Fall Spring
ENGL 1313D ENGL 1323D* BIOL 1132D* {COMM 1010D}
PSCI 1040D PSCI 1050D* HIST 2610D HIST 2620D
MATH 1100D {MATH 1190D} ENGL 2210D* DSCI 2710D
ART 1300D CHEM 1360D* BCIS 2610D {MKTG 3010D}
{ECON 1100D} ECON 1110D  ACCT 2010D ACCT 2020D
15 15 15 15
Third Year  Fourth Year
Fall Spring Fall Spring
DSCI 3710D DSCI 3870D LSCM 4530D MGMT 3720D
BCIS 3610D  MKTG 3650D FINA 3770D Gen. Elective^
BLAW 3430D General Elective^ LSCM 4800D LSCM 4860D
General Elective^ LSCM 4360D MGMT 3830D MGMT 4810D
LSCM 3960D LSCM 4560D ACCT 3270D MKTG 4520D
15 15 15 15