The official colors of the University of North Texas at Dallas are UNT green and UNT Dallas blue.

  • UNT green is PMS 356 (Pantone Matching System).
  • UNT Dallas Blue is PMS 660.
  • Black or white are used as an accent color.
  • Often, a shade of  80% gray is used for lettering/vertical bar in the logo

When the UNT green is used, it must be PMS 356 or an equivalent four-color process (CMYK) mix

When uncoated paper stock is used, PMS 355* should be substituted for UNT green. The five color combinations included below are the only approved color combinations for the word mark.


In addition to its official colors, UNT Dallas uses a marketing palette of colors that includes Navy Blue, Powder Blue and Neon Green. In marketing materials and presentations, the UNT Dallas logo may be presented in Navy Blue, Powder Blue, White or Black, as well as in the official colors, Neon Green may only used as an accent color. 

  • Navy Blue PMS 294
  • Powder Blue is PMS 636
  • Neon Green is PMS 802

*PANTONE ® is the property of Pantone Inc. The colors shown on this page and throughout this style guide have not been evaluated by Pantone Inc. for accuracy and may not match the PANTONE ® Color Standards. For accurate standards, refer to current PANTONE publications.

**CMYK mixes vary based on printers, equipment, etc. Please contact Marketing & Communications for assistance determining the appropriate mix for your project.