Our Math Lab tutors can assist with the following courses:

UGMT 1301D – NCBO for Mathematics
MATH 1010D – Fundamentals of Algebra
MATH 1580D/1581D – Survey of Mathematics
MATH 1100D – College Algebra
MATH 1680D/1681D – Elementary Probability & Statistics
MATH 1190D – Business Calculus
MATH 1350D/1351D – Math for Elementary Education
MATH 1650D – Pre-Calculus
MATH 1710D – Calculus I


Accounting, Statistics, and Finance Tutoring 

Tutoring for the following courses is offered on select days/times:

ACCT 2010D – Accounting Principles I
ACCT 2020D – Accounting Principles II

DSCI 2710D – Data Description & Analysis

DSCI 3710D – Business Statistics


  • FINA 3770D – Finance
  • FINA 4310D – Valuation and Finance
  • FINA 4400D – Finance Markets and Inst.