The UNT Dallas Department of Career Services hosted the "Career & Major Exploration" event recently for students looking to possibly change their field of study or get more information on their designated career field.

“Today was another opportunity for students to make sure they are prepared for when they graduate from the University of North Texas at Dallas,” said Director of Career Services, Arthur Lumzy. “So many times, students graduate with a degree and do not end up working in that particular field. So today we just tried to counteract those issues and prepare them for what’s next.”

Special guest speaker Nicole Sheppard, who is a licensed professional counselor, shared her career journey and why it is important to take the necessary now before entering in the professional world.

“My message to them was to be sure that when they change their major that they are content with that course of study,” Sheppard. “If they are not then having them change that before by the end of their sophomore year.”

Sheppard also expressed the importance of being active on specific social media platforms and knowing what to look for when it comes to job opportunities.

“Just letting them know that there are different things they can do to enhance their employability such as making sure they have a LinkedIn account, knowing the job descriptions and different options that are for employment within their career study. I feel like that was accomplished today.”