Nearly 100 community leaders representing non-profit, for-profit and state agencies came together for the 6th annual Community Engagement Day November 11-12, 2016 at UNT Dallas. Michael Soto, CEO and founder of Spark Collaboration, was the keynote speaker. The event was a collaborative effort with UNT Dallas, the State Fair of Texas and United Way.

“Community Engagement Day puts feet to the mission of UNT Dallas,” said Dr. Constance Lacy, dean of the School of Human Services and co-chair of the event. “For six years, we have collaborated with area organizations to help empower, transform and strengthen our community. Change requires pairing passion with action. These organizations leave our event equipped to accomplish much in their communities.”

Attendees spent day one in an interactive workshop led by Soto, focused on digging deep early when networking and building working relationships. Day two provided more insight into Soto’s company, Spark Collaboration, and allowed attendees to network and collaborate based on zip code and area of expertise.

“UNT Dallas, the State Fair of Texas and United Way share a common vision-we want to help individuals, families, and other groups achieve social mobility and reach their full potential,” Lacy said. “We learn so much from each other at Community Engagement Day. Each person comes to the table with valuable life and professional experience that others can learn from. Each person has a story to share, with unique successes and challenges that can become powerful tools for change.”

About Spark Collaboration

Spark is a product of Trackmind Solutions, a technology company that is committed to innovation and excellence in bringing ideas to life. Soto worked in microfinance, workforce development, poverty alleviation and politics in Bangladesh, Chile, Colombia and the USA. He has an undergraduate degree from Harvard University and an MA from the University of Sussex. For more information, visit