An opportunity to continue to bridge the gap between the campus police department and student body, graduate student Dean Boyd II hosted the “Cops & Coffee” event recently at the University of North Texas at Dallas.

The event touched on a number topics, highlighted by making sure everyone is on the same page in regards to safety, respect and understanding.

“This event allows the community to see the officers in a different environment and a different light,” said Boyd, who recently received his undergraduate degree in Human Services Management & Leadership from UNT Dallas last year. “Really, just bring everyone together to show that communication is what will help the campus grow into a stronger culture.”

The UNT Dallas Police Department’s mission is to preserve the peace and to enhance the safety and security of the institution; its students, faculty, staff, visitors, and assets, through our commitment to integrity, professionalism and compassion.

 “When 75 percent of student population is made up by minorities and you have the cops willing to sit down and answer questions, that’s exciting to me,” added Boyd. “It really shows that it’s not everything you see on the news. There are good cops out there, who want to do great things for the community.”