UNT Dallas Cord & Ring Ceremony

The Cord & Ring Ceremony is a cherished tradition at the University of North Texas at Dallas, and it signals Commencement is nearing as excitement on campus really begins to grow. It is also a ceremony where the University community unites and honors the students who are going to graduate as they receive their cords, stoles and rings.

Join us on Dec. 8 at 5 p.m. for the Cord & Ring Ceremony. While graduation is already a tremendous lifetime achievement – with students at UNT Dallas known for their involvement in community initiatives receiving cords is also a particularly special honor.

“We at UNT Dallas and in the Experiential Learning Office believe that when students engage in experiential opportunities in the community and professional work spaces they enhance their learning and also increase their marketability at graduation,” said Sarah Davenport, Experiential Learning Project Coordinator. “We also believe it is important to value and recognize our students who commit to that level of engagement, and we are excited to honor them with these cords during the ceremony.”

Students receive cords for the organizations they are involved with, community service and for their academic achievements.

“This is the greatest feeling in the world, knowing that you accomplished something that you’ve waited so long for,” said Adela Sanchez, who will graduate Dec. 15. “I feel proud and grateful because I was able to participate with organizations on campus and create an impact. My hard-earned cords and stoles will show it all.”

Check-in for students for the Cord & Ring Ceremony begins at Founders Hall, B2 at 4:30 p.m.

By Jennifer Contreras