Dr. John Gasko, Dean of the School of Education and the Emerging Teacher Institute, has been hard at work training hundreds of Dallas educators the art of mindfulness. It’s been a pillar of ETI since Dr. Gasko began work at UNT Dallas in 2016.

“If we expect teachers, who are on the front lines of the caring profession, to really cultivate the relationships that they need to get young people to great, we’ve got to pay attention to their own ability to deal with stress.”

The mindfulness training is also being taught to students in hopes they will be able to better manage their own emotions and stress levels.

Dr. Gasko’s mindfulness training was recently featured on WFAA. Learn more about the impact his training has made in Dallas ISD at http://www.wfaa.com/mb/news/local/dallas-county/dallas-isd-teachers-learn-innovative-approach-to-handling-stress/444621130.