The Caruth Police Institute graduated 19 Dallas Police Department police officers and senior corporals, plus three officers from the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Police Department, in a ceremony at the University of North Texas at Dallas on Friday, March 3 at 11:30 a.m. following presentations from the students.

These officers applied and were accepted to CPI’s inaugural Leadership Development Series, a rigorous three-week course held at the University of North Texas at Dallas that emphasizes personal and career development; procedural justice and police/community relations; leadership legacies; current issues and challenges in policing; critical thinking; conflict resolution; and much more. The Caruth Police Institute has offered leadership training for the Dallas Police Department and other agencies in the North Texas region since 2008, with graduates including DPD’s Interim Chief of Police, David Pughes. However, this class is the first to include officers who have not yet attained a supervisory position.

Executive Director Melinda Schlager says, “We felt it was important to cultivate the future leaders—to give young officers and senior corporals the tools to develop themselves into well-rounded police executives. We truly feel that this class contains the men and women who will be leading North Texas’ police departments in the next decade—and we wanted to ensure that they are up to the challenge.” 

If you are interested in learning more about how CPI is shaping the next generation of public safety leaders in Dallas and North Texas, please contact Jennifer Davis-Lamm at 940-781-2902.

About the Caruth Police Institute

The Caruth Police Institute is a partnership between the Dallas Police Department and the University of North Texas at Dallas, funded by the Communities Foundation of Texas. CPI represents a bold partnership between academia and public safety and is housed at Dallas Police Department Headquarters. CPI focuses on fulfilling the complex research, career advancement, and leadership development needs of the Dallas Police Department and other public safety agencies throughout North Texas. For more information, please contact CPI at 214-671-3732 or visit us at