The UNT Dallas Library is one of a kind, perhaps limited in space currently but supporting the teaching and learning of students and faculty by facilitating access to millions of resources through its digital collections. Today the library celebrated #LibraryShelfieDay, a fun way on social media to encourage people to celebrate their love of books and libraries. 

The holiday is observed by libraries, bibliophiles and book collectors internationally on the third Wednesday each January, and it was originally founded by the New York Public Library.

“I love books, but I’m more in love with information access,” said UNT Dallas Head Librarian Brenda Robertson. “It’s more important to me that students have access. We are primarily digital, which opens the entire world to our students. I believe in providing information and making it available.”

Digital collections can permanently store and provide searchable online access to digitized text, images, sound and video from libraries, the university and its partners.