Members of the University of North Texas at Dallas and El Centro College met Friday November 6 to sign an articulation agreement that provides a seamless transfer for students attending both institutions.  The agreement matches coursework between the two schools and allows students to make a smooth transition from El Centro Community College to UNT Dallas.  Those students who attend school full-time and follow the specified pathway of required coursework at both institutions can expect to graduate in four years. 

“We’re committed to establishing academic program pathways for transfer students because we know that it will improve the problem of excessive hours, limit educational costs, and reduce time to degree,” said Dr. Thad Anglin, vice provost for academic excellence and outreach.

The five new curriculum pathways include: BAAS in Criminal Justice, Fire Safety, Interior Design, and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology. Additional programs are in the pipeline and will be approved soon.

“It’s imperative that we build strong relationships with our community college partners,” said Bob Mong, UNT Dallas president. “The fastest path to graduation is when someone gets an associate’s degree at the community college and comes to UNT Dallas for their bachelor’s.  Making this process easier takes everyone working back and forth seamlessly to make it easier for the students.”

Students value the partnership, and appreciate the schools’ willingness to show future students there are multiple ways to achieve their academic goals

“Seeing the partnership between a community college and a four-year university is truly phenomenal,” said Stephanie Sierra, UNT Dallas senior and president of Student Government Association. “Giving students opportunities to attend college is what we are all about. Admissions counselors can now show students they have options when pursuing a bachelor’s degree.”

According to Dr. Lois Becker, senior vice president and UNT Dallas provost, partnerships like this make it very clear to students what they need to do to transfer without losing any courses. 

“It’s another example of how being great partners with the community colleges benefits the students most of all,” Becker said. “We are so pleased to be a part of this process and be able to tell that story.”

“What we have done today has been honorable work,” said Dr. Charles Greg Morris, vice president of academic affairs at El Centro.  “We all work and live in a community that has many challenges. Our ability to come together with UNT Dallas to remove barriers that often exist in higher education program by program is truly honorable work.  This partnership is going to make a difference in the lives of our students. This agreement will help make the path more clear for them and impact our communities.”