Faculty Senate Awards:  2020 – 2021

two female students walking through campus courtyard

The recipients below are commended for the work they have done in a year where COVID-19 impacted teaching, research, and service.  The efforts and accomplishments of these individuals during this challenging time are especially inspiring. 

Faculty Senate Award for Excellence in TeachingYu Fen Lin

As faculty of the School of Education, Dr. Yu-Fen Lin, Assistant Professor in Counseling Education, has demonstrated teaching excellence in Counselor Education, by creating an opportunity for a safe and learner-friendly environment for students to explore what may enrich their and others’ lives.  In 2020, she received the Outstanding Supervisor Award 2020 from the Texas Association for Counselor Education and Supervision.  In addition to her focus on the classroom, Dr. Lin has focused her research on pedagogy, publishing a manuscript on the experiential process in counselor training.  She also continues to seek professional training by attending workshops focused on teaching. Teaching in a CACREP accredited program, Dr. Lin ensures her syllabi her aligned with CACREP standards and assesses all student work according to those standards.  In addition, she oversees service-learning projects by her students and in 2020-2021 adjusted her teaching to allow students to cope with the destructiveness that pandemic brings.  Student evaluation scores of 4.87 reflect Dr. Lin’s commitment to the classroom.

Faculty Senate Award for Excellence in Research:  Brian Owsley

As faculty in the College of Law, Brian Owsley, Assistant Professor of Law, has demonstrated research excellence through substantial and high-impact scholarly publications. In 2020-2021, his work was featured in numerous esteemed legal journal outlets. Recently, Brian has focused on matters of federal immigration, as well as constitutional issues in the impeachment process of both presidents and federal judges. Perhaps most noteworthy is the impact his scholarship has had on the legal community. While Brian writes for his community of legal academics, he also seeks to engage judicial officers and policymakers. Brian's work has been cited in judicial opinions, as well as amicus briefs for the Supreme Court of Texas, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Faculty Senate Award for Excellence in Service:  Robert Tinajero

As faculty in the School of Liberal Arts & Science, Dr. Robert Tinajero, Assistant Professor of English/Communication/Rhetoric, provided an extensive amount of service in 2020 – 2021.  In addition to serving as Program Coordinator of English/Writing, Dr. Tinajero served on 6 university committees, two of which he co-chaired:  the LAS Faculty Showcase; and Arts Celebration, the English Department’s literary competition.  He worked with the Dallas 826 Writing Project & Writing Center that partners with UNTD to develop student writing for students in K-12, and with students at Trini Garza High School in the Youth Authors Book Project to write and publish a book focused on race and the Covid-19 pandemic.  Dr. Tinajero served as Area Chair for the Southwest Popular and American Culture Association conference, reviewed student applications for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, and judged entries in the Cultivating Scholarship Showcase at Tarrant County College-South.  After TEA identified 150,000 seniors graduating high school who were not college-ready, TEA developed a new program Ed Ready English that Dr. Tinajero was asked to evaluate the program and provide valuable feedback. 

Adjunct Teacher of the Year AwardBrody Du

As adjunct faculty in the School of Business, Brody Du, Instructor in Business Management, demonstrated teaching excellence through substantial curriculum and course development in support of the business program, confirmed by outstanding student evaluations and letters of support from his peers. Perhaps most notable are the many high-impact internships and experiential learning experiences that Brody provides students, which garnered him a President's honor.