Students and staff gathered for the latest Town Hall at the University of North Texas at Dallas to discuss the student vote on a proposed increase in fees for enhanced support services and a medical office on campus.  

UNT Dallas President Bob Mong, as well as Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Finance and Administration Dan Edelman, detailed the proposed increase in fees during the meeting. Students have been emailed a link to the online vote from the Student Government Association, which supports the fee increase.  The Town Hall was also streamed online and questions were submitted from participants via social media.

“Dallas needs a great, public, urban university, and that’s what we’re going to be,” said Mong. “That’s our niche. I would invite those who haven’t been involved with our goals to get involved. For continued growth we need resources, and that’s what this meeting is about.”

UNT Dallas hasn’t raised tuition or fees since 2014. The proposal that is currently being voted on by students is an increase from $10 per semester credit hour to $20. The Student Services Fee cannot go above $250 per semester, no matter how many hours a student enrolls for. The Medical Services Fee is a flat fee of $25 per semester. The University continues to have the lowest tuition in Dallas-Fort Worth.

“We’re not growing just because of low tuition,” said Mong. “We’re growing because of our offerings, because of our partnerships and because of our community involvement. Last year we dipped into our reserves. We really do have momentum, it’s a series of things we are doing that are working. We are also going into reserves this year, we can’t do it every year.

“We invested in the university and people responded. We held the line on tuition for a long time, but we can’t do it every year. The state is changing and our service area, urban Dallas, is on the forefront of that change. We’re investing in tomorrow’s leaders. We are on the forefront on focusing on that diversity.”

Edelman said the state allows public universities to charge students a $75 fee for Medical Services, but at $25, he believes they can install professional, 9-5 medical care on the busy campus that will serve the student population well, and if there is a surplus, he will adjust the fee in the future. The Student Services Fee is utilized for counseling, disability services, tutoring and student organizations, all administered by students.

The student vote continues through Jan. 19. It was reported by some students that the email with the link to vote, sent from the SGA with the “Vote to Change Student Fees & Enhance Your UNT Dallas Experience!” may have gone into the Clutter file of their UNT Dallas email address, and students were encouraged to check that file and vote.